Speed up your website with Fastly's global CDN

Fastly is the 100 Tbps¹ content delivery network leading the edge revolution. Deliver enterprise-class experiences optimized for speed, security and scale.

Fastly's global edge CDN

Increase your website and app speed with our 100 Tbps¹ of connected global capacity. Fastly’s CDN moves content, data and applications closer to your users — at the edge of the network — to help your websites and apps perform faster, safer and at global scale.

With edge locations in key areas around the globe, Fastly can help improve delivery speeds and serve content faster than if traffic were served from your origin.

CDN made for enterprise, tailored for you.

Unlike other CDN’s, Fastly routes all our traffic through Tier 1 providers, meaning your site or app receives the same performance levels as our enterprise customers like Reddit.

With Fastly you can designate a specific POP to serve as a “shield” for your origin servers. That means as your content expires or gets invalidated, all subsequent requests are sent to your shield. This protects your origin from an onslaught of requests, improves cache hit ratio and reduces egree costs.

Update content in an average of 150ms

Have total control of what your customers are seeing and ensure they have the most up to date information with Fastly's Instant Purge. Fastly has an average purge time of 150ms⁴. Purging can be done by individual URL, surrogate key, wildcard, or you can purge your entire site at once. 

Fastly allows you to mark content as outdated or slightly stale, instead of permanently removing it from cache. This ensures good user experiences even if your origin server goes down or takes longer than usual to update.

A new architecture for the modern internet.

Fastly’s high-density POPs enable us to serve more from cache, including static and event-driven content. This improves your cache hit ratio, resulting in better user experiences.

Fastly POP

Multiple POPs

Planned POPs

1. 100Tbps as of June 17 2020

2. Mean global deploy time as of Mar 31 2019

3. 19 trillion monthly images served as of Nov 11 2019

4. 150ms mean purge time as of Dec 31 2019 

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