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Try Compute@Edge at scale, for free.

Move your latency-sensitive workloads to the edge with free compute for 3 months, plus up to $100k a month in credit for 6 additional months.

Our modern approach to serverless computing allows you to deploy and run complex logic at the edge with unparalleled security and blazing computational speed.

100x faster code execution startup time than other serverless solutions

Reduce origin load and gain real-time observability

No cold starts or roundtrip delays — just fast, always-on computing

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Seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack

We’re so confident you’ll love Compute@Edge that we’re offering it free for 3 months, plus up to $100k / month of free credits for an additional 6 months.

That’s 9 months of a 15 month contract. Fastly’s Compute@Edge offering allows you to build high scale, globally distributed applications and execute code at the edge — without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. Deploy and run complex logic for any application or backend service with our secure, performant, and scalable approach to serverless computing. And if after trying you’re not convinced, cancel your Compute@Edge services in the first 90 days with no strings attached. See full terms and conditions below.

Compute@Edge Benefits

Execute code faster

At 35.4 microseconds, Compute@Edge provides a 100x faster code execution startup time than other serverless solutions. Run your code on hundreds of servers located around the world simultaneously. There are no cold starts or roundtrip delays — just fast, always-on computing.

Build exceptional user experiences

Better end user experiences are at the forefront of digital transformation. Write, deploy, and test your code on the Fastly edge using a powerful local development and debugging environment. From there, we manage everything required to scale it instantly and globally, as close to your end users as possible.

Enhance security and reliability

Operating within microseconds, our isolation technology helps protect you from side-channel attacks and diminishes resource contention while offering consistent performance you can count on. By creating and destroying a sandbox for each request that comes through the platform, we limit the blast radius of buggy code or configuration mistakes from other users and can reduce the attack surface area.

Leverage familiar tools and languages

Developer experience and intuitive tool sets matter. With Compute@Edge, you can program in familiar languages, like Rust and JavaScript, port your code across cloud providers, and get an up-to-the-second view of your services. Plus, Compute@Edge seamlessly integrates into your existing tech stack.

Terms & Conditions

1. Contracts must be signed prior to March 31st, 2022 with a start date no later than April 1st, 2022.

2. Net New Customers are required to sign a 15 month contract term for Full Site Delivery and Compute@Edge.

3. Existing Full Site Delivery Customers are required to sign a new service order in a 15 month term that must include Compute@Edge.

4. Existing Compute@Edge Customers are eligible to terminate existing contracts and enter into a new contract under the Terms and Conditions to receive the Promotional Credit.

5. Includes a 90 day initial opt out period from the beginning of the Sales Order Start Date

6. Customers receive Compute@Edge at no charge until the beginning of Month 4 after the Sales Order Start Date. Beginning in Month 4 after the Sales Order Start Date, continuing through Month 9, Customers will receive up to $100,000 USD Promotional Credit per month. 

7. Beginning in Month 4 and extending through Month 9, charges in excess of $100,000 USD per month will be billed at the contracted rates as stated on the Sales Order.

8. The Promotional Credit will end at the end of Month 9. Beginning in Month 10 and the Customer agrees to pay accrued charges each month at the contracted rates through the end of the contract term.  

8.a Beginning in Month 10 and extending through Month 15, the customer will be entered into a Monthly Commit equal to 50% of the mean invoice amount of Months 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. The mean invoice amount will be calculated without taking Promotional Credits into account.

9. Charges for Full Site Delivery (Requests and Bandwidth) are not included with this offer.

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