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The DevOps Roadmap for Security

DevOps is a movement that enables collaboration throughout the entire software delivery lifecycle by uniting two teams: development and operations. The benefits of DevOps can extend to security by embracing modern secure DevOps practices.

The security team’s way forward is to unify with DevOps in its four key transformation areas:

Create feedback loops

Unite security and engineering culture 

Enable delivery velocity 

Treat everything as code

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This ebook will help security practitioners navigate fundamental DevOps principles and suggest realistic ways to leverage production visibility.

DevOps culture can significantly improve your organization’s security posture — download the ebook to get started.

"Security is joining forces with DevOps and this paper shows you how to get started with common principles and practices to effectively integrate security in your DevOps transition, written by some of the best in the game.”

— Gene Kim, co-author of The Phoenix Project and The DevOps Handbook

Fastly + Signal Sciences: Transforming the security landscape, together

To provide our customers with a more robust web app and API security offering, Fastly acquired Signal Sciences in late 2020. So, no matter how or where you deploy your applications, we can protect them at scale. To secure your experience with a leading next-gen solution, reach out to our team of security experts.

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