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See why we’ve been named the Winter Leader in CDN by top review site G2, and how we’re empowering developers to help businesses flourish.


Why customers love us.

There are lots of Content Delivery Network solutions out there — but our innovative technology paired with our customer-first approach sets us apart. Because we’re a company by developers, for developers, we understand firsthand what teams need to be successful, and we’re embedded in a strong community of customers, developers, partners, and friends to keep building ahead of tomorrow’s needs.

Ease of Use: 8.9/10

Quality of Support: 9.6/10

Ease of Setup: 8.8/10

CDN average 8.5

CDN average 8.6

CDN average 8.3

Fastly is a Leader in Content Delivery Networks.

We pride ourselves in our offerings and our relentless focus on customer satisfaction. And now, we’re humbled to be named a leader in the space by G2 in their Mid-Market Grid Report for CDN | Summer 2020. G2 scores Content Delivery Networks based on product reviews, data aggregated from online sources, and activity on social networks — and this data only reaffirms our commitment to helping customers deliver sites and apps quickly, safely, and at global scale.

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Here are some of the things our community values most about our offering, according to G2.


CMS Integration

Custom TLS / SSL

11% above CDN average

8% above CDN average

5% above CDN average

What people are saying.

Our customers love us for four key reasons: our world-class support, network speed, ease of use, and the unlocking of performance at scale.

“Extremely pleased with Fastly CDN”

“A powerful and extremely flexible CDN”

“CDN built for speed”

Ease of use. Great Performance. Super fast updates. Great support. WAF easy to use and integrates with our logging and integration with terraform.

The platform reliability and developer experiences are fantastic. The platform’s speed in handling cache invalidations really sets it apart and allowed us to deploy it in scenarios where other CDNs have failed.

Fastly's fast. It's fast to serve content, fast to purge content or deploy updates (both measured in seconds worldwide), fast to get an answer from support and from account managers.

Rick M

Head of Infrastructure

Michael G

Chris V

Co-Founder and CTO

Sr. Manager, Web Apps

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