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Our Image Optimizer solution allows you to offload image transformation to our powerful edge cloud platform. When an image is requested, we resize it, adjust quality, crop/trim, change orientations, convert formats, and more, on demand. Transforming images at the edge eliminates latency by reducing the number of requests back to origin.


Fastly also serves images faster, decreasing page load times for image-heavy sites. Our high-density points of presence (POPs) hold more content for longer periods of time, so we can instantly serve millions of variations of images from cache.

360B+ images optimized and delivered per month*

*as of 03/31/19

Fastly will use the information submitted through this form to conduct a performance analysis using Fastly Image Optimizer, and to generate and deliver a report setting forth Fastly’s analysis of the results. Please see Fastly’s Privacy Policy for details regarding Fastly’s collection and processing of personal data.

The technology behind better business

Full site delivery

Go beyond traditional content delivery networks to serve content and images faster, wherever your users are most active.

Image optimization

Transform your images at the edge, eliminate latency, and reduce traffic to your origin servers while saving on infrastructure and egress costs.

Fastly is more than just a CDN. Our edge cloud platform moves data and applications closer to your users, enhancing web and mobile experiences while giving your developers full control over network configuration and insights into performance. 

Edge computing

Use and customize our edge computing language, Varnish Configuration Language (VCL), to rapidly adjust the content you serve based on users’ location, device type, and language.


Maintain confidence that your business will stay online, ward off application layer, DDoS and bot attacks, and serve content over HTTPS to build trust with users and keep data safe.

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