To deliver the dynamic, personalized online experience your users demand — regardless of location or device — you need a technology partner as committed to innovation as Office Depot. That's where Fastly comes in.

Unparalleled experiences across channels

Modern online experiences, now optimized for speed, security, and scale.

Push your DevOps workflow to the edge

Extend your CI/CD workflow all the way to the edge with a content delivery platform that takes an API-first approach and supports near-instant configuration changes and rollbacks.

Up-to-the-moment inventory and pricing

With a platform that allows you to purge content in an average of 150 milliseconds*, your users can confidently buy online, pick up in store, and get down to business. 

Master the omnichannel experience

Get deep insight into your users’ location, device type, and connection — and tailor content almost instantly from the edge.

* accurate as of 3/30/19.

The technology 

behind better business

Fastly is more than just a CDN. Our edge cloud platform moves data and applications closer to your users, enhancing web and mobile experiences while giving your developers full control over network configuration and insights into performance.

Full site delivery

Go beyond traditional content delivery networks to serve content and images faster, wherever your users are most active.

Image optimization

Transform your images at the edge, eliminate latency, and reduce traffic to your origin servers while saving on infrastructure and egress costs.

Edge computing

Use and customize our edge computing language, Varnish Configuration Language (VCL), to rapidly adjust the content you serve based on users’ location, device type, and language.


Maintain confidence that your business will stay online, ward off application layer, DDoS and bot attacks, and serve content over HTTPS to build trust with users and keep data safe.

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What our customers are saying

Tom Parker, VP of Information Technology Kayak

“With Fastly we can implement ideas quickly, going from concept to reality within a couple of days, which took weeks with prior vendors. This industry is all about speed and agility, and Fastly really enhances that.” 

Mark Jennings, Director of Technical Operations Lonely Planet

“Our cache hit ratio improved from about 20% to 70% — a 350% decrease in origin load. That massive change has reduced the customer page load times for personalized data quite a bit.”

Explore trends in DevOps, edge computing, and digital transformation. 

What’s next for Office Depot?

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Watch as 451 Research Analyst Craig Matsumoto cuts through the confusion to define the edge and help you understand how to use it.

Demystifying the edge

To be successful, your CI/CD practices must automate workflows across your entire development stack — all the way to the edge.

Why your CI/CD practices need an edge cloud

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