Learn about the benefits and barriers of a multi-CDN architecture and how to identify if it’s the right strategy for your company 

Multi-CDN in streaming: lessons learned (and where to go from here)

Whether you’re streaming breaking news or the world’s biggest sporting event, your audiences expect a flawless viewing experience. Consumers have little tolerance for poor video playback or delays. To provide superior viewing experiences, savvy media companies are constantly evaluating how they can modify their infrastructure. As services vary across regions and networks and competition is fierce competition, quality is explicitly tied to customer loyalty and revenue. 

Pioneered by the largest organizations, the multi-CDN architecture is increasingly attainable — and popular. Streaming providers are rapidly adopting multi-CDN strategies to meet capacity and failover plans that create faster, more consistent viewing experiences. But is it the right fit for your company?

Video industry analyst Dan Rayburn will join us to examine the real-world drivers, perceived barriers, and operational strategies of a multi-CDN approach as defined by a survey of 300+ decision makers.

What we’ll discuss


Head of Streaming Media and Cloud, 


Lee Chen

Streaming Media Analyst

Dan Rayburn

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