Shouldn't your CDN do more?

With the advantages a modern content delivery network can give you, it's time to get away from black-box solutions. In the Guide to the Modern CDN, we take you through the evolution of the CDN, explain the security and performance benefits of today's modern CDN, and give you advice on how to choose one.

The developer's most important tool

The fuel propelling today's modern companies

The advice you need to make an informed decision

Discover how the right CDN can make it easier to secure your sites and applications, improve your search engine rankings, serve dynamic, customized content, and much more.

Explore examples of how Gannett, Daniel Wellington, Stripe, and others use powerful, programmable, secure CDNs to meet the challenge of digital transformation with great user experiences. 

After reading the Guide to the Modern CDN, you'll understand why it's time to rethink your traditional CDN — and what to look for in a new one.  

"A modern CDN is the opposite of a black box: it's a flexible, programmable network that developers can use to customize and manage content, all within their normal tools and workflows."

Guide to the Modern CDN