Accelerated transformation starts at the edge.

To adapt to rocketing demand and dynamic customer needs, the web's most innovative companies rely on Fastly's edge cloud — a platform that processes, serves, and secures your applications and websites as close to your users as possible, at the edge of the network. 

Built to meet the moment

Hear how Fastly customers leveraged the edge to build ahead of the curve — both before the pandemic and in response to its dramatic effects on traffic and user behavior.

Built to meet the moment: Grubhub

Built to meet the moment: TED Conferences

Built to meet the moment: Yottaa

Built to meet the moment: Vox Media

35% reduction in egress costs

See how Gannett, the USA's largest news publisher, caches content with Fastly to deliver headlines in milliseconds and recognize major cost savings.

Your app's new foundational X-factor

Accelerating your transformation is about more than handling increased traffic. Besting your competition means delivering digital solutions that are fast, personalized, and secure — and scaling on demand without ever compromising performance. Fastly provides a foundation at the edge upon which you can build smarter.

Put your developers in control.

Problem solve with insight and agility.

Build securely without slowing down.

Say goodbye to legacy system blockers. Our API-driven platform gives your developers the freedom to build and deploy apps and features faster — repurposing or customizing code and controlling security as they go.

With real-time insights and instant configuration changes, you can resolve website issues quickly, test new app features, or optimize approaches — all without disrupting business or traffic.

Our security tools are integrated into the development pipeline. Securing your apps and your users becomes part of the transformation process, not an extra step. 

Scaling to meet a sudden 2.5x increase in traffic

Discover how serverless and strategic caching on Fastly helped Khan Academy scale to deliver enhanced learning experiences to 30 million students globally nearly overnight.

Leading eng orgs through uncertainty

The pandemic had a massive impact on the work of engineering teams. In this fireside chat series, our VP of Platform Engineering, Laura Thomson, speaks with fellow engineering leaders about how they build smarter now to set their teams up for success tomorrow.

Episode 1: Javaun Moradi, Sr. Manager, Firefox Product at Mozilla

Episode 2: Rohini Sulatycki, Staff Security Engineer at Twilio

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