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The New Rules for Web App and API Security

When it comes to protecting applications and APIs, the rules have changed. Many organizations still use security tools designed for an earlier era.

But attackers aren’t limited by legacy solutions and they’re developing new advanced threats every day.

Download our ebook to discover the new rules for web app and API security.

You’ll learn why:

Tools must fight intent, not specific threats

There is no security without usability

Real-time attacks require real-time reactions

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Dev, sec, or ops, everyone must think like an engineer

Find out how these rules promote security practices that meet the needs of modern teams and apps.

The New Rules for Web App and API Security Ebook

Better security is integral to building better software.

Explore four rules that will lower the friction between shipping software quickly and securely.

Fastly + Signal Sciences: Transforming the security landscape, together

To provide our customers with a more robust web app and API security offering, Fastly acquired Signal Sciences in late 2020. So, no matter how or where you deploy your applications, we can protect them at scale. To learn more about our leading next-gen solution, reach out to our team of security experts.

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