Site Performance and SEO: 

How to leverage a CDN to improve your Google rankings 

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Join Fastly and Conductor to discover how your engineering and digital teams can partner to improve your site performance and SEO.

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Why your Google page ranking is so important

How your site’s performance impacts its page ranking

How your CDN and caching strategy can improve site performance

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What to expect?

When it comes to online search, Google is the undisputed king. But understanding and influencing your page’s search ranking involves many factors, such as relevance, site authority, security, page speed, and the age of your content. What do these factors have in common? They can all be improved by the way you configure your CDN.

Join experts from Fastly and Conductor as they discuss all this and more.

Webinar speakers

Jake Adelman

Austin Mosley

SEO Lead, Conductor

Engineer, Fastly

Mike Perez

SEO & Demand Generation, Fastly